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Rovercation Its Time For A Vacation

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We know that the moment you hear the word vacation, you think of relaxation, new experiences, new adventures and an overall fantastic time. And the one thing that can put a huge dampener on a holiday is the stress about planning that holiday The challenge is magnified when it is a holiday with the kids. How do you keep them entertained? What would they like to visit at the destination? How to balance the trip between the adults and the children? So many questions. One answer Rovercation. We have curated family friendly holidays, specifically designed keeping every requirement and situation in mind. Right from action-packed adventures chosen to match the enthusiasm of one and all, to activities that will appeal to their curiosity or just some free time to do as they wish. At Rovercation, we understand that as times have changed, lives have become busier and it gets tougher and tougher to spend time with your family and keep everyone together. Families are the center of life for most people and we believe that family trips are what keep the emotional connection ignited and let it grow. Remember the trips you took as a kid with your parents and grandparents? Flying a kite or running through the stream or maybe building a castle together? Those are memories that last a lifetime. Those are moments that will imprint in your mind and teach you life lessons like no other. And we aim to let you build such moments. We will also curate activities during the trip that will help you and your children learn more, experience more and sense more. The holidays we design are aimed to bring the families closer. Whether it is swimming together in the ocean with the fishes, or exploring theme parks, trying new foods or exploring zoos, all our itineraries will ensure that the special bond between families only strengthens. You do the packing, we’ll do the planning. Stress is the one thing you won’t ever need to carry with your luggage.


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